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Switching Race Distances

Bib Transfer

All changes to your registration can be made in your J&A Racing Participant Account.

You may also contact our registration company, Haku Sports. Call 1-(800)-392-1524 or Email


You may only defer to and from the same event: 2024 Get Nauti Challenge to 2025, 2024 Half Marathon to the 2025 Half Marathon, 2024 10K to 2025 10K, 2024 5K to 2025 5K. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.  You may only defer an entry once (i.e., if you deferred your 2023 entry to 2024, you will not be able to defer it again in 2024 to 2025.)

The deadline to defer is Thursday, November 14, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST.  After that time you will not be able to defer to the following year. 

Deferral Fees:

$60 for Get Nauti Challenge
$45 for Nauti Lite Challenge
$40 for Half Marathon
$30 for 10K
$25 for 5K

We do not allow deferrals for the Kids Mile.

Switching Races Policy

You may switch from your current Norfolk Harbor Weekend race to a different distance that weekend, however you will not receive a refund if the race to which you are switching has a lower registration fee.  If you are switching to a further distance or from a single race to the challenge, you must pay the difference in race fee from what you initially paid for your original category to your new race category at the time of the switch. You can only switch into events that are open.  Once an event sells out, you will not be able to switch into it.

The deadline to switch your race category is Thursday, November 14, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST.

Bib Transfer Policy

You may transfer your race entry to another individual for an additional $25 transfer fee. Race entries must be officially transferred. Allowing another individual to run with your race bib without transferring your race entry is grounds for disqualification from the results and banning from all future J&A Racing events.

All transfers must be completed by November 14, 2024.

Refund Policy

If you purchased refundable booking through Refund Protect and you are unable to participate in the event due to one of the covered reasons, you must complete the Refund Application Form as soon as possible. For more information on what is covered under your refundable booking visit: Without Refund Protect, there are absolutely NO refunds, even in the event of race cancellation – NO exceptions.

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