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The Chartway Norfolk Harbor Fitness Expo on November 17-18, 2017 serves as the kickoff for an awesome running weekend.  The Expo, held at the Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center in Downtown Norfolk, features vendors from the health and fitness industry including running apparel and gear, nutritional products and injury prevention.

Demographics of Participants

Average Age: 38

Male: 38%

Female: 62%

Education: 42.6% of participants have a Graduate degree and 41.5% have at least a 4 year College degree

Average Income: 100k-150k

Expo Schedule:

Friday, November 18: 2p – 7p

Saturday, November 19 : 7a – 3p (**See Important move out info below)

Electric, Telephone and Internet use are not included with booth space.There are outlets along the wall and floor. The Half Moone Cruise and Celebration Center does not have Wifi available, so we recommend if you need Wifi to visit this website for options. Please bring your own extension cord.

For More Information about the expo, or to be added to our contact list, please contact:

Lori Cooper–Expo Director
Email us

The City of Norfolk is hosting a parade that will cause street closures and will affect the exit from the venue.
There are 2 options for vendor move out.
1. Must be moved out of your booth no later than 5:00pm on Saturday, November 18 (this gives you two hours to complete move out).
2.  You may return on Sunday, November 19 after 12:00pm to complete your move out.